Mirrror Coating Lenses

Mirror Coating Lenses To Protect Your Eyes

Mirror coating are applied to lenses by a vacuum application of interference layers and have higher percentage of luminous reflectance than their corresponding flash mirror colors to protect human eyes.

Mirror Coating Lenses To Protect Your Eyes

Yash Lenses replicate coatings are engineered the use of dielectric process generation under managed vacuum situations to supply lenses that fulfill the increasing demand for more sun safety, guarding towards dangerous high strength seen light. It combines some of the cutting-edge technological improvements resulting in a long lasting, anti-static, slick and clean to easy premium first-class sun put on. Yash Lenses’s reflect lenses include bottom AR with low UV mirrored image era that facilitates reduce demanding again floor reflections popular on darkish lenses and offer closing safety towards adverse returned-floor UV reflections.

Yash Lenses reflect coatings are to be had in solid and flash densities. Solid reflect coatings have better percent of luminous reflectance than their corresponding flash reflect colorations. The flash replicate usually has a touch of the colour while a solid reflect shows a better density of the colour. Mirror covered lenses from Yash Lenses soak up anywhere from 5 to 65% greater mild than non-mirrored lenses, relying on the coloration and density of coating.

Mirror Coating Lenses

Fashionable and Attractive Mirror Colors

Black Mirror Coating
Blue Mirror Coating
Colbalt Mirror Coating
Gold Mirror Coating
Green Mirror Coating
Orange Mirror Coating
Pink Mirror Coating
Red Mirror Coating
Silver Mirror Coating

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