Yash Lenses single vision progressive lenses

Single Vision Lenses

We provide Single Vision lenses with comfortable natural vision. We offer one of the finest selections of Single Vision Lenses. Our Single vision lenses are adaptable to children, youngsters, for daily wearers. We provide wide range in single vision lenses like Blue Block with Green & Blue ARC, Polarised, Photochromatic, Mirror & Tintable.

Yash Lenses single vision lenses are used for both distance and reading. Yash Lenses brings cutting-edge lens products to Distributors, Retail Chains and wholesalers across the globe.

Digital Single Vision lenses provide comfortable natural vision

Conventional Lenses

Conventional Lenses is traditional lens making tools can work only on the backside of the lens. They cannot create aspheric shapes or the complex curves required for PALs (progressive addition lens). This is why the progressive channel of designs has traditionally been pre-molded by the manufacture on the front surface of the lens.

Digital Freeform Lenses

Digital free form lens technology superior in every way to all conventional counterparts. Digital or direct surfacing will allow the Customer to better satisfy vision and frame choice through customized lenses. Every lens is individually mapped and meticulously diamond cut which gives Sharper treatment perception for color, contrast and definition in all illumination levels.

Freeform single vision Lenses Conventional single vision Lenses

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