Progressive Sport Act Lenses

Progressive Sport Act

Whether you are a professional athlete or a part-time sports enthusiast, it is likely you ask a lot from your sports gear. But do you make the same demands of your glasses? With prescription sports lenses, you no longer need to choose between performance and protection. Offering sharp, wide fields of vision even in challenging weather conditions, yash lenses's sports lenses can help you outperform the competition – and look great doing it.

Progressive Sport Act Lenses

Progressive sunwear lenses

  • Far Vision- Wide and distortion-loose far imaginative and prescient zone, with a moderate boom of electricity below the correct factor, presenting clear and strong imaginative and prescient above and underneath the horizon.
  • Intermediate Vision- Corridor designed to make certain highest quality imaginative and prescient of the Safety Zone. What is the Safety Zone? The 1-5m area in front of the athlete, crucial for sports, which should be monitored always so as to plot the subsequent pass and identify limitations along the manner. The yash lenses sport-act lens keeps the perfect optical energy required for a cozy and herbal view of this important vicinity.
  • Near Vision- Dynamic location of near vision zone for a clear and comfortable view of a watch, GPS and other sports gadgets.
  • Peripheral Vision- Expanded peripheral imaginative and prescient, in particular designed for large frames. Outstanding usual tender design.

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Texux Coating
Ultraone Coating
You2 Coating
Mirror Coating