Digital Freeform Technology

Digital Technology for Lenses

Yash lenses introduced a new generation manufacturing technology that could change the way you see - forever. It's called "Advance Digital Free-form”, a revolutionary digital manufacturing process that uses computer-aided design and surfacing to create high-level, customised eyeglass lenses with your unique prescription.

Benefits of Freeform Technology

  • Exceptional night/low light vision: Free-form lenses will reduce glare and halo effects caused by light sources at night, like car headlights.
  • Exceptional contrast perception: Free-form lenses can sharpen vision.
  • Exceptional color vision: Free-form lenses can maximize the optics designed for your lenses, providing brighter and a lot of intense colors.
Optical Lens

The Tailored Lens Solution

Think of it as a tailor for your eyes. similar to you'll be able to take a ready-made pair of pants and have it customized to suit your specific measurements, you'll be able to now have lenses created customized for your specific prescription and frames.

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